AJ Tracey x Flannels London

AJ Tracey x Flannels London hero image


AJ Tracey x Flannels London



The Challenge

Showcase the new Flannels London store, whilst creating a practical but also in-keeping set design for AJ Tracey to perform. We wanted to merge the luxury high-end finish of Flannels with AJ Tracey’s more raw style. It was key that we kept the design theme of the store in all aspects of the production piece, whilst also causing minimal disruption to the store and merchandising, working to have a capacity of 250 people. 

The Execution

We created a pop-up set which we custom designed to fit into the unique store floor space; incorporating AJ Tracey’s own themes from his campaign and merging them with Flannels high-end luxury finishes to bring a fully on brand production piece to the store. We also wanted all aspects of the event to feel on brand; therefore focused on the smaller branding opportunities available through the catering.

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