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The Challenge

To create a live streamed nostalgic sports day for Sports Direct where 56 influencers were invited to take part. The main objective of this event was to create a successful social reach piece for the brand, gaining interaction and engagement from existing and new followers.

The Execution

The event consisted of a number of old school, traditional sports day themed games including egg and spoon and three legged race, however to enhance interactivity from the influencers we put on a number of more challenging activities including total wipeout and the cyclone! The event was live streamed out of you tube and Tik Tok, wrapped up in a mini you tube series. Once the sports day element of the event had ended, we arranged for glamping tents to be onsite so that guests had a place to freshen up and change before a ‘school disco’ started where we had Charlie Sloth perform for all guests.

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