Frasers Summer Summit Polo

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The Challenge

Create a Frasers Summer Summit event at Royal Berkshire Country Polo Club’s ‘International Day’; to bring together merged teams and bring them inline with the vision of the business and showcasing specific elements that the brand was bringing to the market in 2020. They also wanted to break from the norm of company corporate events, and incorporate a food-market kind outside for attendees to utilise; whilst still ensuring that all of the products still had a high-end finish.

The Execution

The build for this event took 1 entire week as the scope of work was so vast, ensuring that everything was finished to the highest quality. We worked alongside the brands sister companies so that they were able to see that everything we used was linked back to the business and gave them a real-life taste of the look and feel of the product which was being taken to the market. We sourced 7 individual food caterers to provide an array of food offerings across the event for the 300 attendees; whilst added branded collateral to elevate the catering finishing. 

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