Sports Direct x Save the Bees

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Sports Direct



The Challenge

To install impactful activations at 3 different Sports Direct stores to highlight the partnership between the Bee Conservation Trust and the Sports Direct group and encourage members of the public to take action where they can to help save the bees for example through planting seeds. This was at times challenging to encourage people living in London without a garden.

The Execution

We successfully delivered Sports Direct’s objective by producing an in store activation that was both engaging and interesting for all age ranges. The most notable way we did this was giving away mini seed pots to all customers, encouraging them to plant seeds to help the bees. The little pots helped us to still get those involved without a garden as they could be placed on balcony’s, window sills etc. We also had influencers attend the event to highlight the importance of the cause on their platforms. As well as the in store activations we had installed a hologram that created impact and vivid window displays and visuals that were both eye catching and powerful.

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